Junk journal layers

A finished page from one of my little junk journals.

Mainly used and unused teabag paper, newsprint and a mini print of one of my black and white photographs of trees.

All hand stitched down with cotton thread on a framework of khadi paper.


I do write some things down

In addition to my 3D junk journaling, I do handwrite some things down, but in what’s more of a workbook.

It’s a place where I store and play around with ideas before I use them, rather than a record of the stories I tell myself or personal thoughts and feelings. And also so I don’t forget things. This is usually just after I get out of the shower, which seems to do wonders for my brainwaves.

I also use the Dailyio App on my iPhone to keep track of and gain insights into my activities and habits. Although sometimes I’m not entirely sure why. Odd how preoccupied we’ve become about tracking what we do. Sometimes I add notes to my Dailyio entries, but they’re usually short and of a practical nature.

And of course I write here on my blog and that includes written projections of my inner world. Although I definitely don’t reveal everything about myself in my posts, this is still effectively a type of written journal.

Why I junk journal

I’ve experimented with various types of photography since around 2008 and other personal creative projects, including collage and mixed media techniques.

This eventually culminated in my version of junk journaling, which I now blog about here.

That neatly explains the practical side of what I now do, but it doesn’t reveal the why?

Like, what’s at the root of it all? What drives me?

Apart from wanting to deliberately carve out time for being creative, because it’s fun, I also find junk journaling hugely therapeutic.

If you’re an over-thinky type you’ll immediately understand, but if not then put it like this: if you want something thought to death, just give it to me. If you want all the best AND worse-case scenarios…..to be listed in minute detail then give me a shout. You can count on me. I’ll more than over deliver.

Having strong analytical skills coupled with a wild imagination certainly makes life interesting and can be useful (hmmmmm, attention to detail), but it’s also hugely exhausting and can result in tons of anxiety and endless procrastination.

I also feel like a sponge that’s absorbing everything around me all the time. Atmospheres, people’s moods, feelings, unseen group dynamics, sounds, smells, light levels, textures, images and temperatures all come at me at once. Sometimes it wonderful, it can be hugely uplifting and even trippy, but equally it can be a total nightmare. Especially if I’m in a situation that I find challenging with people I don’t identify with. I don’t seem to have much in the way of inbuilt filtering equipment.

I know. All this makes me sound a little unhinged, or worse, like a self-designated delicate little flower, or someone with a case of snowflake syndrome.

Well, who knows. I’m not a psychologist or a doctor.

All I know is that for over 20 years I tried many traditional methods for ‘fixing’ myself and none of them worked. In fact they often made things a lot worse, because the failure seemed to highlight the fact that I had or was a BIG PROBLEM.

What does work is my own creative practice. At least in terms of reducing stress, being productive and dealing with overload.

How I’m perceived by others, however, is another matter! In fact I’m probably considered even more peculiar than I was before.